Rates & Compensation

Rates effective May 31, 2023 @ 12:01 am ET. | Teal Indicates Recent Change
*Please note: all rates below are "starting at"
Term/Credit 680+ 640+ 600+ 500 to 599 Compensation/Fee
1 Year Fixed 6.74% 6.94% 7.14% 7.34% 70 bps
2 Year Fixed 6.64% 6.84% 7.04% 7.24% 80 bps
3 Year Fixed 6.54% 6.74% 6.94% 7.14% 100 bps
Rate Premiums Rental (major & medium markets): 50 bps
31-35 year Amortization: 15 bps (Owner Occupied & Fully Income Qualified)
Extended Ratios (TDS >50%): 50 bps (Fully Income Qualified - contact RVP for more info)

Other considerations:
Lending Areas
Major credit event (MCE)* discharged ≤12 months and/or payout of tax arrears
Extended Ratios

*MCE = Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal, Credit Counseling
1% Lender Fee
Maximum GDS/TDS 50%
Extended GDS/TDS up to 65% and credit scores below 500 considered on a case-by-case basis, contact your RVP or use the Quick Quote for more details.
Rate Hold: 90 days

Credit Matrix
  Extended Ratios Plus Extended Ratios Basic Standard Ratios
Max LTV 75% 65% 80%
Credit Score ≥ 640 Max TDS = 60% Max TDS = 65% Max TDS = 50%
Credit score ≥ 500* to 639 Not Eligible
Credit Score < 500 Not Eligible  Case-by-Case Case-by-Case
Property Location Major Major/Medium/Minor Major/Medium/Minor
Min Qualified Total Income $100,000
(BFS Assist - Not Applicable)
Not Applicable Not Applicable
Occupancy Owner Occupied Owner Occupied & Rental Owner Occupied & Rental
Additional Rate premiums and/or loan amount restrictions apply for Extended Ratios & credit score < 500.
Use Deal Quote for more info and/or approximate pricing
Credit scores below 500 limited to maximum LTV 65%

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Lending Areas

Quick Tips

Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) as defined by Statistics Canada
Assess the home and surrounding neighborhood with Google Maps (Satellite and Street view)
Properties should be in excellent condition and in a marketable residential neighborhood with similar recent comparables

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